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They say that some of the best ideas start in someone's garage. In this case it happened to be an art studio. My husband Steven and I decided to build a space that could serve for open creativity and lots of good conversation. 

As a SCAD graduate in Painting and Art History, my experiences over several years have taught me that making your own way as an artist is indeed a challenge. As a student, there were several works of art created that were never seen. Many artists, including myself, start careers that have nothing to do with their passion in order to make a living. Art becomes a hobby versus a source of income. This is how Sabine Studios was born. 

Supporting those that want to continue their craft while gaining exposure is our focus. Think of us as an "agent" of sorts without having to sign over exclusivity to all works, only those that are added to our collection. The artist doesn't have to concern themselves with finding a niche for their work or even delivering to the interested parties. 


Our website serves as a base for retailers, designers, and other trades to find local art with little to no up-front cost. Hang the work in your retail store until it sells or lease it monthly to stage a property on the market. We bring the art to you. Need to rent a piece for staging? We have that covered as well. Simply contact us with some details regarding your project. 


Original works and clever design solutions make a lasting impression. I invite you to look at our current collection. We are growing and always adding new talent. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions or feedback.


Thank you for your interest.


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