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Residence on Forsyth Park

Savannah, GA

Builder: Carroll Construction


Historic home on Forsyth Park. This was a complete restoration. Carroll Construction did a wonderful job with

preserving every important detail. 

Spaces shown: Children's bath & Master Bath

Carroll Forsythe 1.png
Carroll Forsythe master 4.png
Carroll Forsythe master 5.png
Carroll Forsythe master 3.png
Carroll Forsythe master 2.png

The following new homes are located in beautiful Palmetto Bluff Plantation. I had the pleasure of working with CS Thomas Construction on these projects. They are an excellent choice of builder's for anyone looking to settle in the Low Country. 


Wilson Hayfields Property 1
Marks front.JPG
Marks 1.jpg
Marks 2.jpg
Marks 3.jpg
CS Thomas Logo.JPG
South Wilson Property 1 
Albertson 1.jpg
Albertson 2.jpg
Albetson 3.jpg
Albertson 7.jpg
Albertson 6.jpg
Albertson 4.jpg
CS Thomas Logo.JPG
River Road Property 3 
CS Thomas Logo.JPG
Wenzel 1.jpg
Wenzel 2.jpg
Wenzel 3.jpg
Wenzel 4.jpg
River Road Property 4 
CS Thomas Logo.JPG
Blanks 1.jpg
Blanks 2.jpg
Blanks 3.jpg
Blanks 5.jpg
Blanks 7.jpg
Blanks 8.jpg
Blanks 6.jpg
River Road Property 5 
CS Thomas Logo.JPG
Lang 1.jpg
Lang 2.jpg
Lang 3.jpg
Lang 4.jpg
Lang 5.jpg
Lang 6.jpg

The following new home by CS Thomas Construction is located in Colloton River Plantation.  

Herndon Front.jpg
Herdon 1.jpg
Herndon 3.jpg
Herndon 2.jpg
Herndon 6.jpg
Herndon 5.jpg
Herndon 4.jpg
Herndon Back.jpg
Herndon 7.jpg
Oak Tree
CS Thomas Logo.JPG

The following cottage was built by Brightwater Homes in Palmetto Bluff Plantation. This is the model home among several other cottages nestled around a common park. This was a turn-key furnishings contract.

Mews Cottage
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