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Blue wood 1.jpg
Blue wood 4.jpg
Blue wood 3.jpg
Blue wood 5.jpg
Blue wood 2.jpg
Blue wood lit.jpg

Vintage feel wood fixture with custom blue and gold painted finish
Original UL rated wiring intact

Diameter: 20"
Canopy: 4 7/8" (Outside diameter)
Chain: Approx. 20" 
Total height with the chain and canopy: 47"


Color matches:

Matches for the blue used: Benjamin Moore "Stunning" BM826
Antique gold highlights



Green and pink 1.jpg
Green and pink 2.jpg
Green and pink 5.jpg
Green and pink 4.jpg
Green and pink 3.jpg
Green and pink lit.jpg

Feminine hand-painted fixture with vintage glass crystals
Green with gold and pink flower accents
Original UL rated wiring intact

Height (body of fixture): 15.5"
Width: 11"
Canopy: 5" (Outside diameter)
Chain: Approx. 6.75" (please inquire if longer chain is needed)
Total height with the chain and canopy: 24.25"

Color matches:
Green: Sherwin-Williams Green Bay SW6481
Pink: Sherwin-Williams Cyclamen SW6571
Bright gold 



Victorian 4.jpg
Victorian 2.jpg
Victorian 3.jpg

These fabulous vintage pair of Victorian inspired pendants are in EXCELLENT condition for their age
Cleaned but parts are all original, including wiring.
These lights do have some very slight scratches on the frosted glass (see photos)

Diameter: 8"
Height (body of light): 22"
Canopy: 4.75"
Chain: 20"

Colors: Aged brass metal with frosted glass bodies. Applique lace detail on glass

Spiked 1.jpg
Spiked 5.jpg
Spiked 3.jpg
Spiked 4.jpg
Spiked 6.jpg

Vintage feel metal refurbished fixture with custom blue/green finish 
Gold highlights
Seeded glass panels
Gold flower accents

This light has been rewired
Diameter: 7 1/4"
Canopy: 4 7/8" (Outside diameter)
Chain: Approx. 7" (please inquire if longer chain is needed)
Total height with the chain and canopy: 22.5"


Colors: This fixture ranges from teal green to navy patina with aged gold


Filagree 1.jpg
Filagree 7.jpg
Filagree 3.jpg
Filagree 5.jpg
Filagree 2.jpg
Filagree 4.jpg

This fabulous pair of filigree silver pendant lights will add flair to any space
Vintage metal lights refurbished with custom silver painted finish
Rewired to assure function and safety
Slate blue fabric cord (color matched to Sherwin-Williams "Storm cloud" SW6249)

Diameter: 8"
Canopy: 5.75"
Cord: Approx. 5' long (these have adjustable stays in order to change canopy location and cord length.)

Color: Satin metallic silver

Bird sconces 1.jpg
Bird sconces 2.jpg
Bird sconces 3.jpg
Bird sconces 4.jpg
Bird sconces lit.jpg

Adorable pair of hand painted sconces with applied bird details
Warm white with blue birds carrying a rust-colored flower and blue border
Hand painted and sealed
Original UL rated wiring intact

Back plate: 8 3/4" H x 5 3/16" W 
Depth: 9 1/4"
Total height at highest part of the arm: 9 1/4"

Color matches:
Blue border color: Sherwin-Williams "Tempe Star" SW6229
Birds: Sherwin-Williams tones on same page as "Tempe Star" (SW6225-6229)
White at center of sconce: Site White SW7070
Hammered silver metal


Seahorse 1.jpg
Seahorse 2.jpg
Seahorse 3.jpg
Seahorse 4.jpg
Seahorse lit.jpg
Seahorse 5.jpg

Handsome pair of blue hand painted sconces with gold seahorse details
Fluted glass hurricane globes included
Original UL rated wiring intact
Hand painted and sealed

Back plate: 6 13/16" H x 3 9/16" W 
Depth: 5"
Total height at highest part of the arm: 8 3/8"

Color matches :
Blue: Benjamin Moore "Stunning" BM826
Bright brass/gold seahorse accents


Rose 1.jpg
Rose 7.jpg
Rose 6.jpg
Rose 4.jpg
Rose 5.jpg
Rose lit.jpg

Beautiful pair of vintage embellished sconces with applied rose accents
Hand painted details
Updated wiring

Back plate: 6 1/2" H x 4 1/8" W 
Depth: 5 1/2"
Total height: 8"

Color matches:
Hand painted accents: Sherwin-Williams "Cyberspace" SW7076 (this is a blue-black color)
Antique pewter finish