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Do you have artwork you have created kicking around? Are you an artist that would like to get your work seen? Is your work marketable but you don't have the time or a niche in to make it happen? Maybe you're an established artist but you want to branch out and try something new at no risk.

Regardless of your reason for creating, Sabine Studios may be able to help. We are an "agency" of sorts but we don't want you to sign over the rights to all of your work. If your art fits into our collection there is literally no risk to join. We do all of the marketing and leg work, literally. We can even pick up the art and deliver it to its destination. That's not a bad deal!


Our business FAQ's: 


How to I enter my artwork for review? ​
Please submit clear detailed photos along with size and medium for up to 5 pieces and your contact information to


​How do I know if my work is accepted?
We will contact you within 3 business days if your artwork fits into our collection. There may be one piece that we like more than the others so make sure to send us a few. 


​What kind of art do you accept?​
Paintings, Photography, Pen and ink. Basically anything 2 dimensional with a minimum size of 12" x 12". The pieces must be physically available originals. We do not handle making prints. Please make sure that any works on paper such as photography, illustration, and drawings are mounted to a substrate with a protective film. These can also be framed. We will not accept works on paper alone.  


​If my work is accepted what are my next steps?​

We will contact you with an Artist Agreement Form. Please fill out that form and attach a photo and bio. If you prefer to paint under an alias, that's fine too. However, for tax purposes we do require that you give us your real name. Your bio can be written using your alias and we don't need to show a photo. Just let us know that up front. Just keep in mind that collector's often like to make a connection with the Artist and your photo might help. 


​Do you take a commission?​

Yes, just as any art representative or gallery would, we do take a percentage of the sale. However, we take a fraction of what typical gallery's keep. Our standard percentage for a sale is 35%. We will wrap that into the cost of the piece listed on the website. Keep in mind that the 35% also covers marketing and travel expenses for delivery and pickup. 


Who do you market to?

We market directly to the trade and the consumer. We specialize in the design, retail, and building trades.


How do I price my work for sale on your website?

We work with each artist to come up with a fair and aggressive price structure. Our focus is to get the work seen and sold. It's important to remember this because we need to focus on keeping our collection always revolving. If we cannot work on a price that suits both the artist and Sabine Studios we will probably will not add the work to our collection.


​How do I get paid? 

Once a piece sells the buyer has 3 business days to pay Sabine Studios for that sale. You will receive the amount agreed upon for the commission of that sale as noted on the Artist Agreement Form. Once payment clears the artist is paid within 5 business days via their preferred payment method. The retailer, designer, or builder reserves the right to add a mark-up to the price of the artwork as they see fit.

​How do I deal with taxes? ​

It is the responsibility of each artist to keep records of their sales and pay the appropriate taxes for the state in which they work. We will furnish the artist with a Bill of Sale for each work sold outlining the details of the transaction. 


​Do I need to hand over my work to Sabine Studios?

​The artist will keep the artwork listed on our website in their possession until it is requested. At that time we will contact the artist via email, text, or phone call in order make arrangements to either pick up the work of have it dropped off at our main studio location. Once requested it's important to make sure the art is ready to be moved or shipped within 3 business days of the request or sale. If we cannot reach the artist within this time, they have forfeited the sale and their continuing participation will be put under review. If an artist is away from their studio for a length of time (vacation, travel, etc) they must contact us so that we are aware and can make note of this.


​How long will you keep my work?

Depending on the interested party and their situation the art may be kept between 30-90 days. The minimum will be a 30-day term. The artwork will remain available on our website for a minimum of 90 days regardless of whether it's in the possession of the artist, retailer, or designer. 


​Does my work have to be framed?

We prefer that paintings are not framed. Photographs, illustrations, and any other works done on paper must be mounted and protected. Frames for these types of art are encouraged but we recommend that you keep the style of that frame as simple as possible. The retailer/designer does have the right to frame the piece. Neither the artist or Sabine Studios is responsible for reimbursing framing payment or labor if it should be returned to our collection.


​Will I know where my artwork goes?

Yes, this will be noted on the pick-up slip when the artwork is requested and on our website.


​Will my artwork be safe?​

We take every precaution to insure that your artwork is safe. Other than the inherent flaws to the artwork, any damage incurred is the responsibility of the party that has possession. If the damage takes place during transportation of the piece, it is the responsibility of that party. The extent of damage and the compensation to the artist is at the discretion of Sabine Studios. We do not permit artworks to be copied, photographed, or reproduced.


​How is my work marked for sale?​

We supply tags with the artists name (or alias), title, and medium once the art is requested. Noting the final price including mark-up is the responsibility of the party who has requested the art. 

​Can I still sell the artwork while it's part of Sabine Studio's collection? 

We ask that artists refrain from the marketing or sales of art added to our collection for the duration of the term. Terms are set at a minimum of 90 days. If there is no interest during that 90-day term Sabine Studios reserves the right to terminate the agreement on a specific piece. 

​Will the retailer, designer, or builder contact me about my artwork? 

We do not allow the trades to contact the artist directly during the duration of the term and no personal contact information will be furnished. All communication between artist and trades will go through Sabine Studios. 

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