Mixed Media on lightweight wood panel

32" H X 16" W x 1 5/8" D



Lost series #1

  • Please use the following as a color guide. There are several tones in these paintings. Do not take this as a literal color scheme but an overall feeling to guide you in your decision. Any questions please contact us. 

    Harmonic Tan SW6136

    Naval SW6244

    Underseas SW6214

    Meander Blue SW6484

    Grand Canal SW6488

    Extra White SW7066



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"When working, my emotions lead the way. My art is never predetermined. Each piece is re-worked and layered until I feel like it's complete. Pushing the language of abstraction in order to create a visceral sense of movement through space and thought. A map of physical locations and psychological spaces." 


Sabine's love for everything creative started at a very early age. Growing up spending a lot of time with her late father in his studio while he worked on his graphic design projects spurred her artistic interest. She is from Baltimore Maryland where the fabulous galleries of DC and the surrounding areas were always a short drive away. Having this inspiration led to a life-long fascination with shapes, textures, contrasts, and relationships. 

After attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, she met her husband, who is also a creative soul. They live in a historic Arts and Crafts home in a quaint Savannah neighborhood where her studio sits on the footprint of the old garage. It's the perfect blend of old and new and feeds her creativity on a regular basis. Their home is surrounded by the energy of great friends and neighbors. In addition to painting, Sabine creates custom unique lighting and likes to take runs at the nearby park.