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Sabine Studios is a source for original artwork by local artists in the Savannah area. We act as a liaison between the creator and the "distributor".  Once you have selected the artwork we will deliver the pieces to your destination on an agreed upon date and time. We keep our cost reasonable so that the trades have the liberty to sell for a profit. It's a win-win situation for both artist and the end user!


How does this work?

You pick the artwork and we deliver. All works that are spoken for and unavailable to other trades will be marked as such on our website. The name and location of the piece is noted for those interested in seeing it first hand. This gives the retailer/designer exposure as we will continue to market our services via the website, word of mouth, and social media. Need to lease artwork for a staging? Please click on "Staging" below.  

What is the cost?

There are no up front fees for hanging selected artwork for viewing. Once a piece sells, we receive the value of that work, and the retailer/designer keeps the mark-up. It's that simple. This means no risk to the retailer/designer and the artist gets exposure. 


How long can I keep the artwork?

You can keep the selected works for increments of 30, 60, or 90 days. The minimum that we ask for is 30 days. When the time comes to renew the agreement you can choose to return the work or exchange it for another available piece in our collection. 

How do I pay for sold works?

You can arrange, per the Retail Agreement, what form of payment works best for you. We do ask that payment be made within 3 business days of the sale. 

What if I end up not liking a piece in person?

As artists we understand that a computer image doesn't do justice to the real thing. We try and do our best to supply photos of artwork and descriptions that are clear and precise. However, nobody's perfect and we want to make sure you are pleased. If you do not care for a piece upon delivery, feel free to choose another from our collection that is currently available. We do ask for up to 5 business days to get the replacement delivered. Your minimum 30-day term always starts upon the new agreed upon delivery date. 

How far will you deliver?

Currently we will deliver within a 60 mile radius. Delivery outside this radius is possible for an additional charge based on mileage. We do ask that you give us at least 10 business days notice for special deliveries. As we grow, we plan on expanding our delivery footprint so please check back and feel free to send us an email with any special requests.

Can I purchase the artwork up front?

Yes. If you want to make a purchase please use the "Add to cart" button underneath the desired piece. We can arrange for delivery or we can ship it to you (shipping will be added to purchases at checkout). Please note that purchases are final sales.

Will you create a custom piece?

Yes. Many of our artists will commission a work of art and this will be noted with their information on our website. However, these pieces require 50% up-front and the remainder at time of delivery and these sales are final. We will only allow commissioned pieces with artists who have sold a minimum of 5 works with us and have a proven track record of reliability. 

How do I get the artwork that I'm interested in?

Once you have found a piece of work that you would like to retail, simply contact us. We will respond with an email including the Agreement Form with rates. Please complete and submit the form. We will contact you to make delivery arrangements. Upon delivery, the Agreement Form will be signed by both parties. If you would like an original signed copy for your records please have an extra printed and ready.  

How do I price the work?

Retailers/designers can choose the mark-up on the pieces they select. They are responsible for paying Sabine Studios the listed price of agreed upon works per the Agreement Form. For example, if a piece on our Website is $450, that is what the retailer/designer owes us within 3 business days of a sale. Anything above and beyond the $450 is profit to the retailer/designer. Paying taxes on profits are the responsibility of the retailer/designer.

How does Sabine Studios price the artwork?

We work with each artists in our collection when pricing artwork. Our goal is to sell work at competitive prices in order to allow the trades to mark-up as they see fit. This aggressive pricing structure also keeps the artist busy and our collection new and exciting.

What if I want to frame a piece of artwork?

If a retailer/designer prefers to frame a piece this is allowed. However, the price of the frame (including labor) will not be refunded if the art is returned to our collection. We have found that art sells best without a frame due to every collector having his or her own taste. Usually, we will have to remove the frame in order to relist the work, which means more labor on our end.   

Will the art come with a tag and be signed?

We ask all of our artists to sign the work. Once you have checked out and we are notified via our website, tags with information regarding artist and medium are generated. We will not note pricing on tags since the markup is the responsibility of the retailer/designer. Tags are supplied to the retailer along with the artwork on selected delivery date and time. Bios can be supplied via email upon request but please note that some artists work under an alias and may prefer to remain anonymous.

What if the artwork gets damaged?

Upon delivery, the condition of the artwork is the responsibility of the retailer/designer. Aside from inherent inconsistency's in the work itself, we do understand there is always risk for damage. We will charge the full value as noted on the Agreement Form for severe damage. All other issues will be resolved at the discretion of Sabine Studios. 

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